Saturday, April 21

Carse & Waterman Animators Assemble


With less than a week to go until the release of the highly anticipated superhero film The Avengers, at Carse & Waterman Productions we have created this image to show our excitement. On Thursday 26th April we will finally get to see the Joss Whedon directed blockbuster.

We recommend if this weekend is getting unbearable in the wait for The Avenger's you should take to the cinema and watch the other Joss Whedon film that is out at the moment. Directed by Drew Goddard, Cabin In The Woods is a film that i will not say anything about and i would suggest not watching the trailer because of annoying spoilers.

If you like Buffy, Evil Dead, Hell-raiser and Scream then go and watch this to help deal with the wait..

If you are interested to know if The Avengers will be any good check out Empire's Review.


D Waterman

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