Saturday, April 21

James Cameron's Titanic in 3D

    To anyone who hadn't seen this already James Cameron's legendary film Titanic has been
re- released in 3D.

Some people might not like 3D!!!


But what better film to go through the 3D conversion than Titanic. Some people believe that there is a moral discussion whether it is fair to drain so much money out of what ultimately is a tragedy and would people be so up for seeing a film like United 93 based on the events of September 11th in 3D.

I believe most people aren't actually that bothered and would much rather see 2 humorous images about Leonardo Di Caprio and Titanic's ending Enjoy ....

    Leonardo Dicaprio's Unlucky Career


Could the image below prove that the ending of Titanic doesn't work?


The big question is would the buoyancy of the Raft hold up with 2 people ?

D Waterman

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