Friday, April 13

We Love Our Film Festival's

        It's coming up to that time of year where Film and Animation festivals are starting to begin again and here is what we are exited for at the moment. I went to various Film and Animation festivals last year and hope to continue traveling about enjoying the life of a producer.

Film Festival News


Today was the opening of the London Film Festival Submission. The London Film Festival is in our opinion one of the most exiting film festivals in the world.

Last year they had guests like George Clooney, Alexander Payne,Ralph Fiennes and Seth Rogen.

The Descendants Premiere which I attended last year was where the greatest suite in the world caught my eye and to this day i have been looking for that suite.I have not come across anything like it with out having to travel to Thailand.

It was being worn by one of my favourite directors Alexander Payne (Below).

All category's are open for submission and if were not so busy with the work that pays our bills we would love to create something that might be seen at such a show.

We can only suggest that if you have a Animated Short or Feature film then you MUST submit your work.

Check out the BFI website for more information:

Other websites of interest:

UK Film Centre which has information
about various Film Festivals and a great source of information about the up coming Cannes Film Festival.

2012 is a very important year for London and forgot about the Jubilee and Olympics for the first year the acting god that is Robert Redford has decided that his world renowned Film Festival will run in London's 02 Arena.

Expect some really exiting film premiere's to come.
To buy tickets please check it out.

We would of loved to go along and really wanted to catch "Safety not Guaranteed" which was premiering there but it happens to be on the week of our biggest deadline this year.

Watch The Trailer Below...

D. Waterman

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