Wednesday, April 25

2D to 3D in Pictures with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

Turning 2D drawings to 3D Models.

This is no easy task and many people try and give up. Here are 3 turnarounds of well known musician's drawn in photoshop. Usually a turnaround is made up of an image from the Front,Back and Side of the character. 


             Taylor Swift Turnaround


           Justin Bieber Turnaround


             Kanye West Turnaround

The images are then given to a talented modeler who then sculpts the characters in 3D. The process of sculpting a character is similar to sculpting something in clay and involves many days to sculpt a character working hard to model detail and transfer from 2D to 3D. The sculpting can be done in Maya which is the animation package we use or to gain more advanced features of modeling there are separate software's to use like Z Brush or Mudbox. Tutorials of how to use these software's can be found on youtube but we recommend the subscription service that offer and that is what we subscribe to in house as do Pixar, Micrsoft, Nasa, Blizzard,EA and Sony. 


Here is Taylor Swift taken from her drawing and
t-posed as a stunning 3D Model to then be textured and passed down the animation pipeline.Texturing the model can be very complicating and involve creation of many shaders but Below is an example of a UV which is a flattened net of the 3D model that can then be painted .


Taylor's UV when unwrapped and painted.

As you can see with a UV there is no obvious pattern to this image and on first view there is no obvious body parts to be painted but as you can see where the 13 is that is actually taylor swifts Hand and now that is painted if attached correctly will line up with the CG Model and Taylor will have the number 13 on her hand and this is just the beginning of how to make these characters look beautiful.

D Waterman  

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