Friday, April 27

Our Favourite Unintentionally Funny Movies


We are not recommending you watch these films and its more of a warning. will have the key parts that you should watch.

        Mega Piranha - (2010)

      In this clip it would suggest the film makers are having a bit of a laugh with the film but surprisingly the film has a serious tone and scenes like this feel rather out of place.


         Troll 2 - (1990)

Troll 2 is not so serious and a good thing too. This film is considered by many the worst film ever created. Below is an example of the script, acting and effects that gave it the crown as Worst Film. Enjoy !!!!


        The Room - (2003)

    Just watch the trailer its pretty bad and may  i remind you this was made in 2003 the same year  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was released.


       The Happening - (2008)

The Happening is probably one of the greatest accidental comedy's around. A big shame as this was a film that i was really looking forward to before its release.The scene below was one scene out of many that makes this film so amazing for me but also why you cant really take it seriously.


       Mortal Kombat Annihilation - (1997)

This classic is known world wide singularly for the 9 second clip below. This is one of the worst line of dialogue ever written. The video below has over 5.5 Million Views of people watching this piece of film history.


 Flash Gordon - (1980)

Flash Gordon is the King of all B movies starring Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton, Topol and Max Von Snydow in one glorious film. The soundtrack is classic,Acting is questionable and Set design is magnificently cheesy.


I hope you enjoyed this sampler of classic unintentional funny films. This is a small sample of the films in the main stream market and B movie back catalogue.

More to come soon...  

D Waterman


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