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DVD of the Week 10/05/2012 War Horse


            Monday 10th May 2012   

War Horse

Finally this week is the exiting dvd and blu-ray release of another Steven Spielberg classic. 

Now i do really believe this is a classic and based on 77% of critics believe it to be a good film and possibly some of those critics would agree with the use of the term classic.

When i say classic i am very aware that Spielberg has a very impressive back catalogue were classics are easily found from Jurassic Park, Jaws, ET,Saving Private Ryan, Indiana Jones and Close Encounters and timeless classics they are. So good in fact they have been the driving force and influence of so many young directors as examples the likes of  JJ Abraham's (Super 8) and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) but these films have influenced many. But if that is his range of timeless classics i believe Spielberg has a lower rung on his lader of just classics they are not quite Jaws or ET but then not everything can be. I think that films like Munich, Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, Amistad,Colour Purple,Sugar land and Duel are all fantastic films and deserve a lot of respect and it is in this second category where War Horse sits. Please dont think that  all Steven Spielberg have been incredible he is only human and  therefore he has had his flops as well with  the latests Indiana Jones, The Terminal, AI,Hook,Always and most famous flop Jurassic Park:Lost World.

Now about the film, War Horse is a lovely film it has a lot of heart and whats nice about War Horse putting everything aside is it's about a relationship between a boy and his friend/Horse.

It doesn't ever stray in to Equus territory but has more of a Finding Nemo feel about it. The War acts as more of a background to the whole friendship and is used very effectively to pull the characters further appart, create jeopardy and allow for some action. The balance of relationship and war is for me perfect and really strengthens what the film is trying to say. 

Telling the incredible story is  quite an ensamble of talent starting with David Thewlis most famous these days for Remus Lupin in Harry Potter it also stars Loki and Sherlock Holmes as in Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch as well as the always delightful Emily Watson and impressive newcomer Jeremy Irvine.


The film moves from country to country, landscape to landscape but what's great about the film is all you want to watch is the Horse named Joey and his owner Albert.

This was originally a play that has become very popular worldwide and i have not seen this play so i can not comment on the transition, i can comment that the story makes a great film and having a runtime of just over 2 hours i didn't get bored once.

If given the choice i would highly suggest getting this on Blu- Ray as the cinematography and lighting is incredible and will really flourish in HD.

I would recommend for anyone who enjoy's a good emotional drama with good characters, beautiful visuals, and an incredible setting but if you are expecting a War film prepare to be disappointed.


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