Thursday, May 10

Pitch 1: Kraft Foods

             Kraft Style Frames

Often we will work very hard on pitches to secure the job for ourselves sometimes we get the job and sometimes we dont get the job. There is no rhyme or rhythm to it. The thing that upsets us is we work hard and no one sees our work so now we have decided to showcase our unseen work here.

We will add more and more pitches to the blog as we take them on and even go back in the the C&W archive for some early day pitches.

Working in the adverting sector very often you have to pitch for projects that go no where. Here are some images that we created for an advert for american food giants Kraft Foods.

Here are the various style frames we created.

To find out if we got the pitch or not scroll down to the bottom of the page.







We did not get this job for unknown reasons.

D Waterman

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